Looking down the aisle of a wedding ceremony at Aberdeen Manor


Aberdeen Manor was built in 1999 by Jim and Denna Fyock.  They had a vision to bring a wedding friendly venue to Valparaiso, and since then Aberdeen Manor has hosted thousands of weddings, showers, corporate events, and parties.  Megan Wiesjahn, Denna’s daughter, has worked at Aberdeen Manor off and on since they opened in 1999.  She has set tables, served weddings, and worked in the bridal shop while going through college and teaching first grade.  She decided to come to Aberdeen Manor fulltime in 2009 after having her own wedding experience at Aberdeen Manor in October 2008.  Her husband, Trey, joined shortly after.  The two took over the ownership in 2021.

Our goal for each and every wedding couple is to make them feel like a part of the family by the time their wedding day arrives. Creating relationships and keeping the family business model alive is our passion.